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Matchbox Empires Sets Sail!

Well folks this has been a crazy busy year. I've not been able to work on the project as much as I liked since the launch of the website as I have had so much going on!... This is going to be my 10th Year in Australia so I have had my family over for 3 months and also working on some major projects on the house as well as some really big shifts at work. To be in the right frame of mind to work on the game I really need to dedicate a whole weekend to work on it and these are few and far between!.... Anyway where there is a will there is a way! I have finally been able to prep 3 copies to a finished state and have sent 2 of them out for testing! The first copy is trekking its way around the UK and the second copy is touring Australia. Feedback so far has been really promising. If you are interested in play testing please reach out to me via the contact page and we will see if we can schedule in a play test for you! Thanks and stay safe all!

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